Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Trent Reznor

(photo by Cindy Chang NIN Las Vegas 04012006)

Happy Birthday to You
Your Fanclub's a Zoo
You smell like a koala bear (according to Beth...mentholatum is great stuff)
But we all still love you

How old is this pup? 41?

Regardless of my current music interests, I owe an enormous amount of thanks towards Mr. Reznor for making cool music especially back when I was in school. If it weren't for him, I probably still would only be a classical music snob refusing to listen far outside of the box (either that or I would have become a New Kids on the Block freak like so many of my friends). In my lifetime, I've seen more Nine Inch Nails concerts than those of any other band and some of my closest friends came about due to a shared interest for NIN. Standing in line for hours with a bunch of other sleep deprived fanatics can make for strong friendships let me tell ya.

Anyhow, because Trent has existed for a year and 4 decades, I figured I'd repost this nice overview done by Alan Cross from his show The Ongoing History of New Music.

Listen to:

Ongoing History of New Music: Trent Reznor pt. 1
Ongoing History of New Music: Trent Reznor pt. 2

Listen for the lovely clips from back in his Option 30 days.

Live, Demos and Remixes:

"Kinda I Want To" (early demo)
"That's What I Get" (dismantled remix)
"The Big Comedown" (live CRC sessions)
"Hand That Feeds" (solar microcontroller remix)
"Only" (juxxtapose remix)
"Mr. Self Destruct (live Austin, TX 03242006)
"Non Entity" (live MTV Katrina Benefit)

I just learned from The NIN Hotline that Trent and Saul Williams are collaborating on Williams' next album. Exciting news! Here's a pic of Williams, Reznor and Atticus Ross working on the album (I'm assuming Rob Sheridan took the photo)


Anonymous Shawn said...

Hey, thanks for reminding me that it's Trent's birthday. Damn! I forgot to send him a card.

Thursday, May 18, 2006  
Anonymous cchang said...

He'd probably rather have a protein shake anyway.

Thursday, May 18, 2006  
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