Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Aris Christofellis

This is a picture of him when he was 22.

Aris Christofellis is the modern vocal equivalent to Farinelli. Needless to say, creating castrati is not exactly a common past time these days, so we've got counter tenors to fit the bill. I will admit that I adore counter tenores. By far my favorite is Andreas Scholl however Christofellis caught my attention after I heard an audio clip of him singing the male soprano solo from the Chichester Psalms by Lenorard Bernstein (usually cast for a choir boy, but sometime it is performed by a counter tenor). He has a hauntingly shrill vocal quality that people either love or hate it. Unfortunately, it appear that that recording is not for sale, but he has an amazing album featuring works for castrati and sings each piece in the original key.


Listen to:

"When Time Goes By"

The Aris Christofellis Voice Page
(massive fan page maintained by Jan Billington featuring over 150 song samples)