Thursday, February 07, 2008

Austin Music Foundation and ATX underground present...

(RitchN of subNatural did the artwork, by the way)
I know it's been ages since Shawn and I have updated. Shawn's writing his dissertation which is enough excuse. Me, well, I've been busy with work and getting my chops up as the newest member of Lucid Dementia.

As you know, Sammi's been gone for a long while being glorious in her own way, working on her writing...and unfortunately repeatedly fighting colds, infections, depression and the ilk. The idea was to have her come back and visit to cover this concert, but she's not quite on the mend and won't be making it. Shawn's in Kansas, so he can't cover it.

That means the only way to get the scoop on this concert is to come see us!

We're headlining, but the rest of the bands are fantastic as well. You've heard us talk about them on here many times in the past, so please traipse on out to Elysium in Austin, TX for fantastic show for a good cause.


Lucid Dementia:

Sub Natural:

Tungsten Coil:

G Fire

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I thought I left a comment on here a while back... Well...

That's an awesome picture of you!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008  

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