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The party of all parties: intemperance and turning 30

I should probably start by saying my actual birthday is July 6th, so I'm technically still 29. But, I did party like it was the very end of my 20's on Saturday.

First off: I love my friends. I really do. I love what they do for me. I love what they put up with and I love the fact that I can easily love them back. My best friend Shawn drove 650 miles over 10 hrs from Kansas to be here for my party and drove back the next day so he could teach his next class. Dearest Monica and her hubby Blake put in countless hours to help me with food preparation. My husband calmly sat through with my wailing when the cake people misspelled my name all while my wonderful brother was chewing them out over the phone.

Sammi, Shawn and I (aka the Adzuki Bean Stash writers)

Don't mess with the King of the grill!

Monnie helping with pics.

With darling Hubby.

Those tokens of friendship and caring manifested itself in subtler ways all night too and not just with actual gift (although I received many amazing gifts): Troy pulling back my hair for me while I strapped on Dimitri's accordion. Sammi giving me an honest-to-god kiss for celebration's sake and singing in front of everyone with her big hearty voice. Kate hooking a necklace clasp for me so I could try on the new gift Marilyn game me. All those friends who lugged their instruments and gear only to get trapped into an accidental 45 minute homage to "Another One Bites the Dust" (or "Another one Rides the Bus" depending on where you swing). All those friends who took the time to make me something. All those friends who laughed with me no matter how stupid the situation was. All those earnest hugs, pecks and spontaneous inside jokes...yes, I definitely felt loved.

Dimitri and Cindy, accordion playing crime fighting duo.

With my baby cousin Eric

With Ritch

With Sarah

With Kate

With Mark

With Jay...aww he's blushing. Or maybe he drank too much bourbon.

With Roger and Summer

I think about my work friends, the parents with their beautiful babies, the vast number of my musician buddies with their sacrosanct weekend schedules, the over 50 crowd and the under 25-ers, people I've known for more than a decade and those I've only known for months. I think of them along with the wild party queens, the restrained goths and my super-shy introverted companions all joining together despite the disparate social circles to help create the memory of my celebration. With that, I feel so appreciated.

Matt and Lane

With Brent

With Vickie, Quinlan and Kyung (the awesome boss I speak of frequently)

With Marilyn and Eddie.

The dashing Dan, me and Sandy with the needle point gift from her and Beth.

With Beth (who I often feel is my mom away from home)

With Claudia

With Bradley

Kyung and Quinlain

With Juliet

Ross and Juliet

With Bobby and Elizabeth

Sophia serenading us.

Phil and Angie.

With Troy and Alice.

The second, and somewhat less sophisticated musing I take from all of this is that I am never getting drunk again. Ever.

If you recall, I've never been drunk before. I usually just get tired and fall asleep consequently bypassing the stupid tipsy dumb-blonde phase. This time around, however, I succeeded in getting piss-ass drunk, trashed and as a result, puking my guts up the next morning. Why would any college student want to do this on a regular basis is beyond me.

Alcohol is evil, I say! Behold the beautiful, poised, graceful me oozing with temperance prior to consumption:

After about 5 mix drinks, a couple of beers, champagne, wine and Jay's bourbon, I was reduced to this pile of babbling shit, cute shit mind you, but still babbling and I don't really know what the fuck I was talking about:

You can just see it in Jay's eyes as he pleads with my husband:
"Awkward...please get your inebriated wife off of my [manly] lap so I can finish my drink."

Again. Sober and beautiful:

Versus plastered and pathetic:

Let this be a lesson to you kiddos. Don't get drunk if ya wanna look hot all night. It just doesn't work. Besides, large amounts of alcohol leads you to do things like...

Play your harp with a goofy grin:

Think a cat book is the funnist damn thing in the world:

Contemplate why:

Continually jam to "Another One Bites the Dust" even though it isn't that great of a song:

Howl at the moon:

Forget which bearded man is your husband:

Flash your naughty bits:

Dance like there's no tomorrow:

Start ranting about the evils of the recording industry...oh wait you can do that sober:

Attempt to drink and smoke while on a swingset:

Stare off into space:

Take really bad photos:

On a different note, I should point out that Etouffee's kittens were a hit. We had groups of people come up to visit her in the master bathroom closet where she decided to set up camp.

As for food, well, I over prepared, as expected. And of course, the bulk of my friends are food people as well, so they brought stuff. I can't even begin to go into all the wastage and my heart feels for those starving kids in China right about now. However, a good portion, such as the BBQ was salvageable.

We did manage to drink all the alcohol though.

This is just a small sampling of pics taken that day. We took over 300 and then I uploaded around 180 onto Flickr. I think they capture the night really well and there are more pics of jam sessions, party goers, food details etc. I wish I took a photo with Monica, but we were both so busy making sure the party was going smoothly that we actually didn't cross paths.

Cindy Adzuki's 30th Birthday Photo Album (Static Version)
Cindy Adzuki's 30th Birthday Photo Album (Slideshow Version)

To all my friends and family who came out to make this day special to me, I love you dearly. Thanks so much.

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Blogger sarah said...

it was great seeing you! i hope you (or someone) polished off the cookies. we had fun. we were amused. just the people watching was pretty amazing.

sorry to hear about the hangover. though maybe it was worth it just for the pics you got out of it. ;)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007  
Blogger cchang said...

It was great seeing you too. Tell Susan she's got the most amazing eyes. Seriously.
I loved the cookies. I hoarded most of the cookies myself, but they did get polished off by the late comers. There a bunch more photos so be sure to look at the photo stream. There's a nice one with susan you and me in it.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007  
Blogger Sammi said...

I want the recipe for those cookies, Sarah :D Those were delish! I managed to sneak one while they were in the kitchen ^_^

I'm so glad you had a good party, Cindy :) Inebriation and fuzzy memories aside and all ;) Gotta say, I still don't believe the Another One Bites the Dust lasted that long, but I guess when you're in the jam, time changes and all.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007  
Blogger heavy metal mom said...

Great blog for an awesome party!!!
I guess we'll have to do a 'party reinactment'
for us to get a photo together!!! We can dress
the same and have Travis take the photo - hee hee.

I wish I had been able to stay later - I would've
gotten brave and belted out Another One Rides
the Bus with everyone else!! bummer.

I love the caption that alcohol makes you forget
which bearded man is your husband - priceless!

Hangovers are bad, but you'll do it know you will...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007  
Blogger dasMobius said...

And another one bites the dust!

It was cool to play that song for 45 minutes - and I was actually completely sober, does this mean that I am insane?

It was great to see you. I didn't know you were that drunk.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007  
Blogger cchang said...

Another one rides the bus probably lasted 20 minutes. I think Ritch and Bradley will never speak to me again after enduring that one. Glad you enjoyed it Shawn.

Heh. Yeah, at least Sammi got a nice mutually trashed pic on Jay's lap. Notice the words say "He D Hot J?" on the cup if you look carefully. Ironic.

Why do all the pics with me and Jay look like he's either blushing or terrified of me. No wonder he calls me "kooky." Not cool!

I don't know if I ever want to get that drunk. Projectile vomiting and then endless dry heaves are not sexy. Not at all.

And yes, I was very drunk. But, for the record I was sober when I kissed you and Sammie. Those were real kisses. :)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007  
Blogger Sammi said...

I dunno, hon, Ritch seemed pretty into the groove, too ;) Bradley might have just been being indulgent sitting there, but I wasn't the only one workin' the xylophone :D

Tuesday, July 03, 2007  
Blogger cchang said...

Good point. Ritch was very much into the xylophone....heck, what happened to the picture of you rocking the xylophone? I know we have one.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007  
Blogger dasMobius said...

It seems that I have my eyes closed in too many of the pictures. Why is that? Do I blink a lot - or is my reaction to the flash really really fast?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007  
Blogger cchang said...

Are your eyes sensitive? I know you're camera shy...maybe you're hiding? Beats me. At least you don't grimace like you-know-who.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007  

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