Thursday, May 11, 2006

John Pointer

(Photos by Lesley Nowlin and LeAnn Mueller)

John Pointer....SWOON. What can I say? First of all, he one of the founding members of my favorite local bands of all time, Schrodinger's Cat but he's got a solid solo career as well. Known as the Human Beatbox, he's appeared in two national commericals (Chili's and Scholotsky's) showcasing his amazing skills and is a frequent performer. However, John doesn't only sing. He plays piano, cello, percussion, guitar and bass, and most of these instruments he mastered before he hit puberty. In fact, according to his website, his parents stated that he could actually sing before he was able to form words by mimicking the sounds of lullabies. I think he made the right career choice. John received his degrees in Music and Italian in 1997 from the University of Texas at Austin.

His smooth silky voice is capable of all sorts of expression, but what makes John Pointer especially unique is his ability to sound like a full band with only his body and a guitar. Check out the song "The Flame" (you can also find two versions on his myspace) to hear what I'm talking about.


John's live show on KUT

Listen to:

"The Flame" (yes, he's beatboxing and playing guitar at the same time)

"One by One" (link courtesy of Stinson Studios)

John Pointer's Myspace
Official Website
Schrodinger's Cat

I should add that Mr. Pointer is probably one of the few musicians out there that has a website that is 100% ADA compliant.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, someone forwarded me this link. All I could think was, "Holy crap, this is awesome!" :)

One thing... my site is probably not 100% ADA compliant anymore - I do my own upkeep and I'm not as skilled as the people who built it (i.e. I've screwed up some of their coding). I'd say it's still 90% though...

But mainly, thanks!


Friday, August 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still 90% ADA compliant is still pretty darn good given the other websites out there. Keep on singing. I love your voice and thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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